A multidisciplinary team

Thom Sokoloski is a third-generation francophone Canadian of Ukrainian background. A theatre, opera and large-scale participatory installation artist, his experience and expertise enrich the performance of artists and support their explorations of staging. His participation also helps the collective make contact with a national and international Francophonie.

Dan Dwir is a theater costume designer and fashion designer from French-speaking Switzerland. Speaking the two main languages ​​of the collective, and having a very marked creative universe, his participation in the project adds another visual dimension which amplifies the futuristic aspect of the piece.

Nicole Croiset is also French-speaking, based in Toronto. She is a media artist and specializes in digital interactivity. Nicole will create interactive devices that will be integrated into the costumes and that will allow the performers to trigger digital actions (lighting and sounds).

Duncan Appleton is the technical director of the theatre at Glendon College and has worked with French theatre groups for a very long time. He has customised a digital “switcher” to allow live digital broadcasting and switching. Duncan has worked several times with the collective and we are delighted that he'll bring his technical and theatrical expertise to the project.